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- Funny
If you think its your alarm
clock that wakes you every
morning, try putting it next
to a corpse and understand
the Grace of GOD!
Show ur Gratitude by saying thank u JESUS!

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A driver was driving his boss to
d airport.
D boss noticed dat he 4got an
important document at home,so he went back home.
His wife was bathing with soap
on her face, d husband tip-toed and touched her boobs, the wife responded, "have u dropped my stupid husband so fast? Dont
rush we av the weekend 2
spend together, i am even praying for him to av a plane crash
so dat i can enjoy u till d end of
my life". She noticed d person was quiet, she washed her
face, and saw her husband in
front of her.
If u are d husband wat will u do?

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